10Duke is focused on helping independent software vendors better monetize the software applications they write and sell. Founded in 2007 as a toolset to help software vendors more easily create web applications, we quickly came to focus on the dual challenges of

1) authenticating end users online and

2) making it easier to control how those users are able to access applications or content.

10Duke now provides advanced software licensing solutions across a wide range of industries, including finance, consumer, visual effects, mining, and construction.

10Duke's "login-based" licensing solution enables licensing of desktop, web, mobile or embedded software applications as well as of APIs and virtual machines.

10Duke enables software vendors to easily configure, manage & monetize the licenses they provide to their customers. Our platform is used by SMBs and Fortune 500 customers alike and is the leading license management solution in the world as a result of:

a) its support for all license models
b) support for both offline & online scenarios
c) simple integration with client applications
d) easy integration with CRM, ERP & ecommerce and
e) strong project management skills helping ensure that onboarding to 10Duke is as quick and simple as possible.

10Duke is used by the fastest growing software vendors in the world, all of whom came to 10Duke to better monetize their software and reduce the hassle normally involved in licensing.