10Duke Announces Partnership With Clémence Consulting to Support Their SaaS End-to-End Offerings

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31st March 2023
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10Duke Announces Partnership With Clémence Consulting to Support Their SaaS End-to-End Offerings

10Duke announcing its partnership with Clémence Consulting

10Duke and Clémence Consulting today announced their partnership.

Through this partnership, 10Duke helps Clémence Consulting complete their SaaS end-to-end offerings with 10Duke’s SaaS licensing solutions.

Clémence Consulting provides expertise and advice to businesses on many areas, including growth through the transformation of business models and performance through the digitization of business processes & data.


Neil Fenton, the executive chairman of 10Duke commented:

“Having already worked with joint customers, it has become evident that Clémence Consulting has a strong and comprehensive understanding of the challenges of the 21st century for software businesses in regard to introducing new license models such as subscriptions and delivering a seamless end-to-end flow for customers. Through this partnership, 10Duke and Clémence Consulting are both in a fantastic position to help software businesses maximise the opportunities of selling software digitally, through 10Duke’s best-in-class software licensing technology and Clémence Consulting’s end-to-end expertise on delivering subscription management.”

Portrait of Neil Fenton the CEO of 10Duke



Marc Lafond, partner at Clémence Consulting stated:

“We propose lead-to-cash solutions to our clients willing to innovate in customer-centric and services-based business models and offers. The SaaS model is one of the major business models that we promote at Clémence Consulting, and the 10Duke licensing management solutions will enable us to address the full clients’ end-to-end requirements from Design to Build, Run and Operate.”


Below is the rest of the press release, which you can also read on the Clémence Consulting website.


Unlock your SaaS success with a powerful licensing solution – The key to monetizing your software


Choosing the right licensing system is essential for software vendors to effectively manage and monetize their software applications.

Thanks to the partnership with 10Duke, Clémence Consulting strengthens its skills to offer to its clients the E2E expertise on the entire value chain of the software customer journey.

10Duke, and its cloud-based licensing solution, unlocks the full value and potential of the SaaS business model for fast-growing software businesses.


“Licensing is a revenue generator. If you are not thinking about it like that, you are really missing out.”



Why did Clémence Consulting decide to partner with 10Duke?


Clémence Consulting strongly believes that a successful SaaS business model requires a best-in-class entitlement and licensing cloud solution. By partnering with 10Duke, Clémence Consulting enhances its capabilities to assist its clients in defining, designing, integrating and operating their end-to-end SaaS customer journey.



10Duke meets the needs of your company as it develops and can adapt to your future growth in terms of number of users, applications or types of licenses.


10Duke is flexible enough to support different licensing models, such as subscription or perpetual licenses, floating or node-locked, consumption-based model and project-based model etc.

10Duke is your one-stop shop for software monetization


10Duke’s APIs come with a variety of client libraries to make integration with your client applications and other systems (CRM, Subscription, e-commerce, ERP, Reporting…) fast and flexible.

One access point

10Duke centralizes product access via SSO and federation. Facilitate access to your product portfolio through a central access point.

Cost & Support

It provides comprehensive support to help you get started and resolve any issues. 10Duke offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

Reporting & Analytics

10Duke provides license usage and compliance information to help you make informed business decisions. Via API, it allows you to generate reports and analysis to track license usage.