10Duke Entitlements Now Supports Domain White-listing For On-boarding New Users.

10Duke Identity Provider Feature Release
31st October 2018
10Duke is now an AWS Advanced Technology Partner
17th January 2019
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10Duke Entitlements Now Supports Domain White-listing For On-boarding New Users.

If you’re a software vendor the process of provisioning entitlements to end-users can be time-consuming and cause access friction for your customers, particularly in large organisations with an ever-increasing number of applications or a high number of employees. Today, that process has become infinitely easier and we’re pleased to announce that with 10Duke you can now offer your customers or partners our Domain Whitelisting feature for 10Duke Entitlements.

In software licensing terms a whitelisted domain is a domain that will trigger automatic access to one or more software applications for any end-users who self-register using an email address from a specific domain.

With the 10Duke domain whitelisting feature software vendors can now enable their end-users to self-register using their company email and receive automatic entitlements to a package of default applications. These default product packages can be configured on a customer by customer basis, allowing complete licensing control and flexibility.

With this new feature, the 10Duke Entitlement Service greatly reduces IT support requirements, not only through self-registration but with default application packages configured for each whitelisted domain, as soon as a user registers they’re ‘up and running’ with a number of applications straight away.  This is particularly useful if you want to introduce a large number of users to a new product trial or freemium application – you can simply whitelist all of your new trialists or potential customer’s domains to receive access to your freemium products and every user who self-registers will gain automatic access to these applications.

As always, 10Duke products and services are designed with software vendors and their end-users in mind, and our goal is to make your life easier. If you’re new to 10Duke please contact us to find out more about 10Duke products and services, Alternatively if you’re an existing customer contact your business development manager for further information about domain whitelisting.