10Duke Identity Provider Feature Release

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31st October 2018
10Duke Entitlements Now Supports Domain White-listing For On-boarding New Users.
1st November 2018
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10Duke Identity Provider Feature Release

The 10Duke Identity Provider is a leading edge identity solution that provides secure authentication for your end-users. Today we’re excited to announce the latest integration with Google Apps For Business, which enables IT, Admins, to seamlessly synchronise users in their 10Duke Identity Provider deployment with Google Account, the Google Identity Provider that underpins Google Apps for Business.   

Using the new 10Duke Google Connector, you can now easily sync the users contained in your 10Duke Identity Provider with your user held in Google with a simple click of a button.

 10Duke Google Connector

If you’re a Google Admin and you have a new employee starting at your organisation, the new user profile you create in your 10Duke IdP can be quickly and easily pushed to Google. If you delete a user they will also get deleted from Google, effortlessly synchronising the two databases. You can use the 10Duke  Google Connector to automatically add, modify, and delete users so that your Google domain data always exactly matches the data in your 10Duke directory.

Google users and organizational units are synchronized to match the information in your 10Duke user directory with the 10Duke Google Connector performing a one-way synchronization from the 10Duke IdP to Google. This is not a two-way relationship and data in your main directory is never updated or altered by Google, so for example, if you create a new user in your Google console they do not get pushed to your 10Duke IdP.

With the 10Duke Google Connector, the users you create in the 10Duke Identity Provider can easily be synchronized with your Google database, without the need for time-consuming manual configuration and synchronisation.

If you’re new to 10Duke then get in touch for a free 60 Day Trial or contact us to find out more.