10Duke releases the 10Duke SDK for Social Media

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11th May 2011
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29th September 2011
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10Duke releases the 10Duke SDK for Social Media

10Duke, the European leader in bespoke social media platforms and applications, today announces the release of the 10Duke Software Development Kit (SDK) for Social Media.

The 10Duke SDK for Social Media is a Java based software development kit for the creation of connected web, mobile and desktop applications. It has been developed to enable the rapid and inexpensive development of advanced web services, whether as part of a larger enterprise systems or as simple consumer facing social media applications. The 10Duke SDK for Social Media enhances and extends Oracle’s JDK 7 by more than 30% in terms of libraries it makes available to Java developers, specifically with reference to social media applications. It represents more than 30 man years of development resource, packaged and made available to Java developers world-wide.

Frej Salminiitty, Chief Technology Officer of 10Duke comments: “The 10Duke SDK for Social Media has been developed by the 10Duke technical team for several years and I’m so excited to today be releasing it to other developers. Like us and our many top clients, developers can now use it to create enterprise class applications or consumer facing social media services faster than ever before. The SDK is stable, scalable and can be used to develop new applications or enhance existing ones. Any Java developer with moderate Java skills will be able to pick it up and start developing new or extending applications from day one.”

Among its many features, the 10Duke SDK allows Java developers to simply integrate their applications with cloud services such as Amazon’s EC2, or use it to complement and extend applications created using the Spring framework. A key benefit of the SDK is that it is open and many popular point solutions for scalability or memory management, such as Hadoop or Memcache, can be simply integrated with the 10Duke SDK as part of a wider application package.

Neil Fenton, Chairman and Founder of 10Duke, comments: “The 10Duke SDK for Social Media represents a significant development resource for any Java developer creating or thinking about creating any kind of application in the social media space. It is open, accessible and a huge wealth of support information is provided as part of 10Duke’s developer site. The licensing model is particularly simple and allows developers to trial the SDK for free. It is licensed on a per application basis and reflects the changing nature of software in the 21st century. CPU-based licensing models increasingly are of less relevance as applications move into the cloud. 10Duke is committed to helping the Java community by providing developers with valuable development resources and the 10Duke SDK for Social Media is one such fantastic resource.”

The 10Duke SDK for Social Media is available for a free 30-day trial at developer.10duke.com