10Duke SDK v2.0.5 released

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21st April 2015
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8th October 2015
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10Duke SDK v2.0.5 released

Leading European provider of cloud-based application development tools and APIs, updates its rapid application development framework with major enhancement to its Graph API, as well as authorisation and entitlement engine optimisations for Enterprise use cases.

10Duke, the leading European back-end as a service (BaaS) provider, today announces the release of version 2.0.5 of the 10Duke Software Development Kit (SDK), a rapid application development framework for the creation of online applications.

The 10Duke SDK is a Java-based development framework for the creation of online applications. It has been used by leading consumer and technology brands to create award-winning applications serving millions of users worldwide. Increasingly used by Enterprise customers to develop, release and test new business ideas or spin-out ventures, the 10Duke SDK allows applications that would normally take months or years to develop using traditional tools and methods, to instead be built and deployed in the market in just a few weeks.

Neil Fenton, Chairman of 10Duke comments: “This latest release of our SDK further extends its capabilities into the scope of the Enterprise by supporting a wider ownership model as applied within organizational entitlements and further enhancements to the Graph API, creating even greater flexibility for developers using our SDK to create their online applications.

Key enhancements to the 10Duke SDK in this latest release include:


  • major improvements in reflection utilities
  • major authorisation and entitlement engine optimizations
  • Updates and cleansing of dependencies (SDK pom files)

Graph API

  • greater than and less field selector support
  • constraint to include only unique objects in a result set (different from SQL’s distinct in that the uniqueness applied to entire objects)
  • fix: composite type and collection naming as well as type naming in nested queries

Model, Persistence & Data

  • ownership model and logic extensions (authorisation in organisational scope)
  • FieldProvider update for enabling access to an object, which is used as a basis for field providing
  • extension and more flexibility in working with resource bundles, internationalisation and localisation
  • new utilities in Geo IP resolving and handling
  • object model classes with private zero argument constructor are now supported in serialisation and deserialization as well as with persistence
  • fix: allow detaching observers when handling lifecycle events

For more information, access to the SDK developer guide, and a free 90-day evaluation license, please visit developer.10duke.com