10Duke SysAdmin Version 2 released

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18th August 2017
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10Duke SysAdmin Version 2 released

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of 10Duke SysAdmin 2.0. 10Duke SysAdmin is one of the main administration modules that can be deployed together with a 10Duke SSO or identity-based software licensing solution to enable web-based admin control.

With this release, 10Duke SysAdmin has been completely overhauled with several key improvements.

Identity-related information and actions

Users: provides a listing of all user profiles within a deployed system, together with key profile attributes and main admin tasks such as creating, editing and deleting users in the system.

Organisations: provides a listing of all organisations (whether companies, groups or project teams) within a system.

Single Sign-On: provides information relating to all connected consumer applications to a system (from an SSO perspective) in order to see the number of OAuth 2 or SAML 2 connected applications. This feature also allows for the web-based creation and configuration of new OAuth 2 or SAML 2 connected consumers.

Screenshot of Identity Dashboard
Entitlement-related information and actions

Products: enables definition and configuration of products or content types that are licensed to end-users.

License Models: a step-by-step, wizard-like approach to defining a license model that can be dynamically applied to any licensed product.

Entitlements: allows for the creation of specific entitlements into which licenses can be granted and the entitlement can be assigned to any particular user or group of users.

Screenshot of Entitlements Dashboard

System Log

When deployed together with the 10Duke Reporting API, any historical information related to events that have happened in the system, such as logins or license grants can be easily accessed in order to allow for system debugging or audit.


SysAdmin now comes with top-level summary graphs and charts which make the information held in the system easier to understand and interpret in real-time. Perfect for providing management with point-in-time system summaries. Information such as the number of new organisations created, the number of new users, the origin of new users, licenses granted, licenses due for renewal and much more can all be seen in a summary, dashboard view.

For more information or if you’d like to book a demo of the new SysAdmin module, please get in touch.