Cutting-edge, wall-sized, fun and free - Reality with Tekla BIMsight on SMART Board interactive whiteboards Tekla BIMsight v1.7 released, with support for SMART Board interactive whiteboards.

London 2013-02-05

10Duke is today pleased to announce that Tekla Corporation and member of the SMART Technologies ecosystem network, today released Tekla BIMsight 1.7, integrated with SMART Board interactive displays. Tekla BIMsight users can use the software directly on a SMART Board interactive display, which is an increasingly common tool used by architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms to facilitate communication and problem solving during design reviews. has been created with the 10Duke SDK.

The combination of Tekla BIMsight and SMART Board creates a highly interactive visual collaboration experience. You can use all the features of Tekla BIMsight you are used to, just on a new and exciting device. Walk to the display and touch it, or take a pen and eraser and use them in the way you learned at school.

"Tekla BIMsight's integration to SMART Technologies' Freestorm solution gives anyone an engaging way to start to use BIM for meeting collaboration. You obviously need a SMART Board, but you don't have to pay anything for the powerful BIM software," says Jussi Ketoja, Marketing Manager of Tekla Corporation.

To use the package, no extra plug-ins are required and to start, you only need to connect a SMART Board to a computer with an Internet connection for downloading Tekla BIMsight 1.7. The combination engages all members of the project team, even remote ones, and can increase the speed of problem solving in finding solutions to the numerous design conflicts you often find during the design and construction process.

"The SMART Technologies collaboration suits Tekla as we are committed to develop better model-based construction collaboration," says Ketoja. "With Tekla BIMsight 1.7, we continue to offer the AEC industry the most advanced design coordination and collaboration technologies on the market for free."

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