10Duke releases Crowdoscope, an online collective intelligence tool in partnership with Silverman Research and Unilever

London 2015-11-23

10Duke today announces the successful development and release of Crowdoscope, a new online collective intelligence research tool, working in partnership with Silverman Research and Unilever. Crowdoscope is a self-organising, visual environment that is used for internal research within a company in order to harness the collective intelligence of employees.

Developed in just 3 months using the 10Duke Software Development Kit (SDK), Crowdoscope encourages the sharing and discussion of key topics within a business and allows employees to shape the topic of conversation through comments, ratings and responses to other user’s answers. In this way Crowdoscope facilitates and encourages key issues and opportunities within a business to be exposed and discussed.

Paul Chiriac, 10Duke comments, "The majority of research tools simply ask users to answer a number of questions - but Crowdoscope is designed to enable employees to provide their views on key issues within an organization and gain awareness of different perspectives that other people or groups may have within that same organisation. In this way, Crowdoscope helps to encourage openness and discussion among a company's employees and enhances their voice in the business."

Michael Silverman, Silverman Research comments, "Online connectivity has made it possible to harvest the collective intelligence that lies within the employees of the largest global companies, even if they are spread across a large geographic area. The 10Duke SDK has provided us with the ability to develop and release a new social technology, Crowdoscope, to take advantage of this opportunity. By facilitating a conversation between employees that grows organically, Crowdoscope allows companies such as Unilever to gain valuable insights into the mindset of their employees."

To learn more about Crowdoscope please visit www.crowdoscope.com

To learn more about the 10Duke SDK, please visit www.10duke.com/products/sdk/

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