10Duke partners with Centrus Advisors and Savills to create AssetCore, a new asset and loan security data service, for the UK's housing sector.

London 2015-12-21

10Duke is excited to announce the release of AssetCore, a joint venture between Centrus Advisors and Savills. Built on 10Duke APIs, AssetCore is a new online collaborative solution designed to increase liquidity, reduce risk and generate major cost efficiencies for the UK's housing associations in the £132 billion social housing sector.

Currently, in the housing market, documentation and data relating to properties held by registered providers is held offline, in traditional spreadsheet and paper-based formats. When managing these property portfolios, this legacy approach means that the communication between housing associations, banks, valuers and corporate finance teams is very burdensome and time consuming. AssetCore is designed to dramatically increase the efficiency of this communication, by putting key data relating to housing stock online, where it can be seamlessly accessed by all parties involved in a given transaction.

"AssetCore represents a major step forward for the housing association sector. In real-time, Registered Providers are now able to access data on their property holdings, generate customised reports, manipulate the data and run comparative reports on changes to their asset portfolio over time. Using 10Duke's APIs, we have been able to create an extremely complex service in a very short time frame that is also very easy to use." said David Eastgate, Director of Housing Consultancy at Savills.

"We are excited to release AssetCore for the UK's Housing Associations, said Nathan Pickles, Partner at Centrus Advisors, 'Taking housing data and putting it into a cloud-based service like AssetCore will transform how registered providers are able to manage and report on their housing stock. Using 10Duke's APIs, a service that was only designed on paper in March has now come into full production release just 9 months later."

Paul Chiriac, of 10Duke comments, "We are pleased that AssetCore has now been released and that the 10Duke APIs have been able to provide the backend capabilities demanded by the AssetCore application. Sophisticated reporting capabilities, complex multi-organisation authentication and authorisation needs as well as cloud-based file management are all core capabilities that our APIs were able to provide to AssetCore to get them to market quickly."

To learn more about AssetCore, please visit www.assetcore.com

To learn more about the 10Duke APIs, please visit www.10duke.com/products

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