Announcing 10Duke Enterprise – Our Rebranded Licensing Solution

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30th June 2023
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Announcing 10Duke Enterprise – Our Rebranded Licensing Solution

Product Rebranding – 10Duke Enterprise

10Duke are excited to announce the rebranding of our licensing solution!

Over the years our main product has transformed into an overall software monetization platform
and we felt it was time to
encapsulate everything our solution does by bringing the various
solution components under one product name – 10Duke Enterprise.

10Duke Enterprise is a powerful cloud-based licensing solution designed for fast-growing software businesses.

To be clear, nothing has changed for our existing customers.

You’ll be getting all the benefits and features you’re used to, now it’s just packaged a bit better!

You can learn more about 10Duke Enterprise here.


Related Updates

At the same time, we have also revamped our product documentation to help our customers get off to a flying start.

You can learn more about the improved documentation here, or visit the documentation site directly.

In addition, you can now learn about our admin tools – SysAdmin and OrgAdmin – on their designated pages.

SysAdmin is a web-based admin tool used by the system administrators of a deployed 10Duke Enterprise software licensing solution.

OrgAdmin is an optional administration tool that 10Duke customers can make available to their customer organizations,
so that they can self-manage their purchased licenses, onboard users and control access to licenses.