Interview with 10Duke CEO Neil Fenton

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Interview with 10Duke CEO Neil Fenton

Neil Website Planet

Our CEO Neil Fenton was recently interview by Website Planet on 10Duke’s product offerings, the future of the industry and about cloud technology.

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10Duke – Helps You Connect To Your Online Customers And Drive Engagement And Revenue

Please present 10Duke to our audience?

10Duke provides an advanced licensing solution to fast-growing Independent Software Vendors to better enable them to easily configure, grant, and manage the licenses they sell to their customers.

What services do you offer?

10Duke offers a combined customer identity management and license management solution. For an ISV’s customers, their email address in effect becomes their license key.

The entire license grant, fulfillment, and enforcement aspects of licensing are all combined into one simple user action, which basically makes licensing disappear from the end user’s perspective.

All they have to do is log in to the application they are using and that’s it – if they have a valid license, they’ll be good to go.

What separates you from other similar companies?

License management is hard to do for most ISVs as it is complex, but it is nevertheless a critical aspect of any business that writes, publishes, and sells software.

As a vendor, we see a huge opportunity to take away a lot of this burden for ISVs so that license management becomes simple and straightforward to do and for the license management system to also integrate seamlessly with other business systems such as CRM and eCommerce.

Read the full interview on Website Planet by clicking here.