Less Is More – The 10Duke Identity Provider Gets A New User Flow

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16th August 2018
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22nd August 2018
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Less Is More – The 10Duke Identity Provider Gets A New User Flow

UX is about constantly figuring out the best user experience and this week we’ve introduced a new sign-in flow for the 10Duke Identity Provider (IdP). The original user flow will still be available for those who prefer to offer this UX, but we’ve introduced a new sign-in option to increase user engagement with your products and help minimise access friction.

When user flows are annoying they create friction and decrease productivity.

Does this seem familiar?

Invalid username or password

After a failed login attempt, if users are unsure which part of their login credentials is incorrect, they can waste a significant amount of time trying to establish the correct details, requesting password resets against invalid email ID’s.

Time is money; we all know that, so one way to improve the sign-in process is to deconstruct it, therefore making it as simple as possible, whilst retaining security.

The original 10Duke Identity Provider user flow asks for all access credentials on the same login screen. Although it was a ‘one-step’ process, it could lead to frustration for the user in trying to figure out their correct username and password.

The new user flow asks users to provide an email or username first, which is then checked for validity.

If the email/username entered is correct, the user is then passed to a second screen requesting password details.

These design decisions are introduced to help drive simplicity and it seems that many other companies are taking a similar approach, including both Microsoft and Google.


Sign-ins can produce a lot of access friction and can be really tedious from a user perspective. The new user-flow that we’ve implemented is designed to help users identify incorrect information in the event of a failed log in. However 10Duke is always flexible – you can implement whichever sign-in flow you prefer.

For more information please contact your 10Duke account manager. If you’re new to 10Duke and want to discuss getting a sandbox environment up and running please schedule a demo.