Major upgrade to the 10Duke SDK – online application development just got easier

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Major upgrade to the 10Duke SDK – online application development just got easier

10Duke, the leading European Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) provider, today announces the release of version 2 of the 10Duke Software Development Kit (SDK), a Java-based development framework for the creation of online applications.

Neil Fenton, Chairman of 10Duke comments: “We’re incredibly excited by this latest release of the 10Duke SDK. Its development has been driven by the ever-increasing demand from our customers to move core parts of their businesses online. The 10Duke SDK supports Enterprise use-cases where the customer is looking to develop a new online application that not only integrates with existing IT systems but that can also take advantage of private, public or hybrid cloud deployment models. Using the 10Duke SDK, our customers retain the development speed and flexibility they need, while using a proven development framework they can trust.

“Since its original release in 2011, the 10Duke SDK has been used to create award-winning applications in the education, construction and media industries and we’re excited this next version will continue to help our customers on this path of innovation. In the coming months some of them will be releasing industry-defining applications that have the potential to fundamentally transform the way business is done in their respective industries. We’re proud that the 10Duke SDK is playing a core part in these transformations.”

Frej Salminiitty, CTO of 10Duke comments: “For any technical development team, time is never on your side. The 10Duke SDK lets you deliver more using less technical resource. With this latest version of the 10Duke SDK, we are providing any development team working in Java with access to development concepts and patterns that will dramatically improve the speed with which they can get new online applications written, tested and deployed. Version 2 of the SDK implements the concept of Inversion of Control so the SDK has become an even more powerful, extensible skeleton on which to base your application. Similarly, we’ve enhanced the utilities for cryptography, and included concepts for robust Identity and Access Management that will help to ensure the safety and security of your application online. The 10Duke SDK continues to offer what we believe to be the best rapid application development framework for online applications available in the market today.’

Key features now available with the 10Duke SDK include:

  • improved REST capabilities
  • more versatile authorisation (role-based and licensing) features
  • support for NoSQL databases, including MongoDB
  • improved utilities for cryptography, networking, data structures, and data serialization
  • Maven-based build and product configuration
  • improved dependency management capabilities
  • better support for servlet containers and application servers

For more information, access to the SDK developer guide, and a free 90-day evaluation license, please visit