New Identity Provider Login Flow released

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SysAdmin version 2.0.8 released
13th May 2019
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10th July 2019
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New Identity Provider Login Flow released

10Duke New Login v2

We’re excited to announce a significant update to the 10Duke Identity Provider and a major enhancement of the end user login flow.

Included in this release are:


Improved customization capabilities

The new login flow is now fully based on a REST API and therefore it can be completely customized to suit the specific end user experience (UX) you are looking to implement in your web, desktop or mobile application when an end user signs in and is authenticated.


Support for ‘exponential delay’ for multiple login attempts

Bundled as part of one of the advanced security features of the 10Duke Identity Provider and ideal for high traffic customer identity and access management cases, the 10Duke IdP now supports exponential delay in the event that repeated (and typically computer-driven) login attempts result in an exponentially increasing delay before a subsequent login attempt can be made. This feature significantly deters any unauthorised access attempts, whether by human actors or machines.


Ability to build native user interfaces

With the new login flow completely API-based, you can now create native user interfaces for your applications and don’t need to rely on the out-of-the-box UIs that came with the 10Duke Identity Provider. You can now create native UIs that best suit your application!


Support for incremental authentication

In your application, you may have more sensitive features or data that you want to better control access to. The 10Duke Identity Provider now supports incremental authentication which means that you can require users to go through a second authentication step, using a second authentication method (MFA), in order to confirm their identity. This feature supports the upcoming PSD2 requirement for Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) which will require end users to provide two different means of authentication when making online transactions.


Support for advanced consent management

GDPR requires that if you store customer data, you are able to maintain clear consent from users as to how and what information you hold on them and what forms of marketing, if any, you can send. The 10Duke Identity Provider now supports advanced consent management which means that you can now offer very clear choices to your end users as to what type of user information they are ok with for you to hold on them and, equally, what other user agreements they consent to. This gives you as an application vendor or service provider much more flexibility to control specific end user consent in compliance with GDPR.

For more information on these feature updates, please contact your 10Duke account manager. If you’re new to 10Duke and want to discuss getting a test environment up and running please schedule a demo.