Online Identity Management Made Easy

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22nd January 2015
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Online Identity Management Made Easy

10Duke releases the 10Duke Identity Provider, a comprehensive Identity-as-a-Service solution available in a single API.

10Duke, the leading European back-end as a service (BaaS) provider, today announces the release of the 10Duke Identity Provider, a cloud-based Identity-as-a Service product.

Currently in deployment with pre-launch partners the 10Duke Identity Provider already supports more than 1 million active IDs worldwide and combines technicality complex identity management functionality into one simple, easy-to-access API.

Speaking ahead of the Gartner Identity and Access Management Summit being held in London, Neil Fenton, Chairman of 10Duke, comments

“The challenges of identity management in online application development can normally only be solved by combining different point-solutions from a variety of vendors, often with ever increasing licensing fees, as well as eye-watering integration and support fees. By contrast, we designed the 10Duke Identity Provider to cover mutiple potential use cases in one easy to integrate and easy to operate Identity Service. The 10Duke Identity Provider has an elegant server interface and API, making it straightforward to incorporate robust Identity Management features into any application being developed, on a simple and straightforward SaaS basis.

In one API, the 10Duke Identity Provider supports:

  • Single Sign-On, offering large companies the ability to provide their customers with the ability to access multiple online applications with a single user name and password, in a similar manner to how Google ID provides access to a number of different Google applications such as Google Play, Drive and Gmail.
  • Social Sign-In, allowing customers to use their logins for popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Yahoo, to access a company’s online application, without the need for an additional sign-up or login form, dramatically improving ease of access and conversion rates.
  • Federated Identity Management – in which a company’s authorisation system can be connected to that of a trusted partner to allow seamless access for that partners personnel to access the company’s applications without the need for additional logins and passwords”

One customer reaping the benefits of the 10Duke Identity Provider is, one of the fastest growing online video creation applications on the Internet. Speaking on behalf of Masher, Henry Chamberlain comments:

‘The 10Duke Identity Provider has given Masher the scalability and flexibility we need to provide our international subscriber base with seamless access to Masher. With more than half a million users, Masher is one of the largest communities of video creators online and it is important for us to allow users to access Masher with the login credentials they prefer – whether it be their Facebook, Google or Twitter IDs. The 10Duke Identity Provider gives us this capability of Social Sign-In. The 10Duke Identity Provider is also able to support federated identity management, giving Masher a key ability to work closely with partners to allow their customers to access Masher without the need for multiple usernames and passwords.’

Provided on a SaaS basis, the 10Duke Identity Provider allows growing companies to easily access and enhance their applications with sophisticated Identity Management features on a simple, pay as you go subscription basis. There are no large upfront licensing charges and a simple, understandable pricing model.

The 10Duke Identity Provider can be deployed as a service from a private cloud, hybrid cloud or from a 3rd party cloud provider such as Amazon, IBM SoftLayer or RackSpace.

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