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2nd September 2016

Introducing Identity Provider Insights

The 10Duke Identity Provider is a white-label service that provides your online customers and partners with SSO access to all of your online products and services. […]
24th August 2016

Entitlement API Metadata Enhancement

We’ve enhanced the ability to connect 10Duke Entitlements to 3rd party systems and applications by improving the way in which our Entitlement engine handles metadata.   […]
2nd June 2016

Cloud Identity Summit 2016

The Cloud Identity Summit 2016 is taking place in New Orleans this year and we’re thrilled that our Executive Chairman Neil Fenton has been invited there […]
26th May 2016

Suunto chooses 10Duke Smart Feeds

Suunto, the famous Finnish sports watch and dive computer company, is using Smart Feeds to receive and process data captured by the watches of its 1 […]
11th May 2016

Introducing 10Duke Smart Feeds – an impossibly scalable back-end service for processing event data

10Duke is proud to announce the release of 10Duke Smart Feeds, a new scalable IoT service that receives, collates and distributes discrete events generated by sensors, […]
25th April 2016

10Duke APIs now available on AWS Marketplace

We’ve partnered with AWS and our APIs are now listed in the AWS Marketplace, where you can try them for free on AWS free instances.   […]
4th February 2016

Client libraries supporting 10Duke APIs now available on GitHub

From deploying a basic photo or video gallery, to deploying a user registration page with support for Google, Facebook and Twitter sign-on, or migrating users from […]
12th January 2016

The 10Duke SDK Roadmap

Today, we release the 10Duke SDK roadmap for 2016/2017. The 10Duke SDK is under continuous development, based on internally identified new feature opportunities and customer needs. […]
21st December 2015

10Duke partners with Centrus Advisors and Savills to create AssetCore, a new asset and loan security data service, for the UK’s housing sector.

10Duke is excited to announce the release of AssetCore, a joint venture between Centrus Advisors and Savills. Built on 10Duke APIs, AssetCore is a new online […]
18th December 2015

10Duke announces release of version 2.0.7 of the 10Duke Software Development Kit (SDK)

Leading European provider of cloud-based application development tools and APIs, updates its rapid application development framework with major enhancement to its Graph API, as well as […]
23rd November 2015

10Duke releases Crowdoscope, an online collective intelligence tool in partnership with Silverman Research and Unilever

10Duke today announces the successful development and release of Crowdoscope, a new online collective intelligence research tool, working in partnership with Silverman Research and Unilever. Crowdoscope […]
20th November 2015

10Duke partners with Elinar, the leading IBM integrator in Finland to deliver a media-ingest solution for IBM Case Manager 5.2.1

10Duke is excited to announce that it has partnered with Elinar, the leading IBM integrator in Finland to incorporate 10Duke’s File+ API into IBM Case Manager […]