Product News – New Head Release For 10Duke Enterprise

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7th February 2024
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Product News – New Head Release For 10Duke Enterprise

10Duke is pleased to announce the new major Release 5 for 10Duke Enterprise.

The release brings significant improvements to 10Duke Enterprise, including full support for device licensing with new features for REST API, SysAdmin and OrgAdmin.

Full documentation covering the head release is available on the 10Duke Enterprise documentation site. You can use the drop-down links in the header to access the documentation for other releases.

The release includes significant changes that break compatibility with the previous major releases, including changes in API endpoints. To learn more please review the release notes marked with the breaking label or contact your 10Duke Integration Support Team to discuss and plan upgrading to 10Duke Enterprise Release 5.

The release includes a great collection of new features and improvements in functionality, including:

Enhanced Licensing Features

  • Full support for device licensing in 10Duke Enterprise, including REST API, SysAdmin, and OrgAdmin features for inviting device clients and authorizing their access to licenses using groups.
  • Support for defining additional license properties during license provisioning and extending the claims in the JWT token to include them.
  • License consumption information included on the license lists in SysAdmin.

Admin Tool Enhancements

  • A SysAdmin version that provides significant improvements to overall consistency in user experience and application stability.
  • An OrgAdmin version with UI themes updated to Bootstrap 5, offering easier and more extensive possibilities for UI customization.
  • General bug fixes and performance related improvements.

C++ SDK Upgrade

  • A brand new C++ SDK, offering quicker integration and more efficient development processes. 


In addition to its Head release, 10Duke also maintains its Release 4 (LTS) for which Long Term Support is provided, enabling existing 10Duke Enterprise to upgrade from their current version with no breaking changes.

As always, if you have any questions, please talk to your integration support team at 10Duke.