10Duke Enterprise Release 4 (LTS) is now available!

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10Duke Enterprise Release 4 (LTS) is now available!

10Duke are pleased to announce that 10Duke Enterprise Release 4 (LTS) is now available.

Designed to be used by Customers who have a slower release cadence, this Long Term Support (LTS) version of 10Duke Enterprise will be supported and maintained with security updates and bug fixes over the next 3 years until October 2026. No new product updates will be made to this version, providing customers with an extremely stable platform with which to manage their customer licenses.

10Duke will also continue to develop its main “Head” version, enabling customers to choose the most appropriate version for their needs. The Head will continue to provide access to the latest and greatest features of 10Duke Enterprise but will have new versions released more frequently.

Both the Head and the Release 4 (LTS) are documented separately on the 10Duke Enterprise documentation site. You can use the drop-down links in the header to toggle between the site versions.

To learn more about 10Duke Enterprise Release 4 (LTS) and decide if it’s the right version for you, please contact your 10Duke Integration Support Team.


Other Q3 Product Updates (Head Version of 10Duke Enterprise)

We have also made several updates to our admin tools and APIs. Here are some of them, to see the full list see the release notes on our documentation site.

10Duke OrgAdmin

The Enterprise-ready Software License Management API

The OrgAdmin user can now release a user’s license leases for licenses they are currently consuming. If a user is removed from the organization using the Remove from organization feature, their license leases to that organization’s licenses are also automatically released.

Releasing a license lease may be useful with seat-based licenses, for example, if there’s a need to make a seat available to other users.

The license lease release feature in OrgAdmin is by default disabled in the 10Duke Enterprise configuration. If you want this feature enabled, contact the 10Duke Integration Support team.

There are more details to this enhancement to 10Duke OrgAdmin. To find that information see the release notes from September 15th.

Language Localizations

We have also added 100% localization in all supported languages for the 10Duke Login Application and for 10Duke OrgAdmin.


As always, if you have any questions, please talk to your contact at 10Duke.