Product Updates Q2 2023

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27th April 2023
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5th July 2023
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Product Updates Q2 2023

10Duke Product updates

During Q2 we have made several updates for 10Duke Enterprise. You can find the full release notes on our documentation site. Here are the main improvements.





10Duke OrgAdmin, the admin panel intended for the customer of a software vendor, has also received several enhancements, including:

  • The OrgAdmin user can now specify the allowed software version when they download a license token. If you want this feature enabled, contact the 10Duke Integration Support team.
  • OrgAdmin now autodetects and remembers the user’s language based on the browser settings, if the language isn’t requested as part of the URL and the user hasn’t selected a preferred language in OrgAdmin. The autodetection is by default enabled in your 10Duke Enterprise configuration.  Contact the 10Duke Integration Support team if needed.
  • The license management view now shows a license with status “Scheduled” if the validity start date is in the future.


Login Application

The 10Duke Login Application now supports using the OAuth client credentials grant flow when connecting to client applications. You can use this flow when your client application doesn’t involve any user, for example, with integrations or device-based licensing.

See how to define a connection to a client application on the SysAdmin side and how to implement the connection in your client application using this flow. For background, see information on the supported authentication flows.

We’ve also added support for sending events to AWS Kinesis Firehose.


  • New query parameters have been added for the 10Duke Identity Management REST API to help retrieve user information in a more detailed way.
  • New API operations have been added for the 10Duke Entitlement Management REST API to help retrieve more detailed information on product packages, licensed items, license usage of a specific user, etc.
  • The Entitlement dashboard has a new look and feel and the displayed data has been updated.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with your contact at 10Duke.