Video: Why Foundry, a Provider of Academy Award winning Visual Effects Software, Switched from In-house Licensing to 10Duke

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5th July 2023
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Video: Why Foundry, a Provider of Academy Award winning Visual Effects Software, Switched from In-house Licensing to 10Duke

Foundry and 10Duke logos

10Duke is excited to publish a testimonial from Foundry, a global leader in visual effects software, who rely on 10Duke’s software licensing technology for continuous growth.

Foundry provides pioneering visual effects software for the creative industries, including major film studios and post-production houses such as ILM, DNEG, Pitch Black, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Wētā FX, Pixar, Marvel, Netflix, Framestore and Technicolor Creative Studios.

Before partnering with 10Duke, Foundry had built their own licensing system, but as the company grew, this in-house system wasn’t scaling or delivering in line with customer expectations and required turnaround times, which led Foundry to seek out a software licensing partner to deal with those issues to enable continuous growth.

Patrick Hamilton, the Senior Director of Corporate Technology at Foundry:

“The feature of 10Duke that attracted us the most was a single system that did authentication and login-based licensing – with the other systems we’ve looked at you’d have to buy two different services to get the same kind of deal. Now that we’re using the 10Duke solution, we don’t have to worry about reliability anymore. We can also leverage their existing APIs we don’t have to think about building something, we can just use it.

With 10Duke, you’re going to gain access to a mature and reliable system and also a fantastic team at 10Duke who really are an extension of your own team and they’re going to help you deliver your vision.”



About Foundry

Founded in 1996 with over 300 employees worldwide, Foundry software has been used in the making of every VFX Academy Award winning film for the past decade. Their products have also been honoured at the highest level in the industry, including four Academy Sci-Tech awards for Mari, Katana, Nuke and Furnace, two HPA Engineering Excellence awards for Flix and Nuke respectively, and an Engineering Emmy for Nuke.

Foundry solves complex visualization challenges to turn incredible ideas into reality. Its products are used to create breathtaking visual effects and animation on a wide range of feature films, episodic content and commercials.

About 10Duke

10Duke provides a scalable and flexible software licensing solution enabling software vendors to easily configure, manage and monetize the licenses they provide to their customers in real-time. 

10Duke Enterprise is used across a wide range of industries by the fastest-growing software vendors that offer desktop, SaaS and mobile apps, devices, APIs and VMs. It’s specifically designed for fast-growing software businesses looking to scale up licensing & minimize friction. In addition to Foundry, 10Duke Enterprise is used around the world by leading brands including Trimble, Causeway, Seequent, Maxon and Steinberg.

To learn more about how 10Duke has helped fast-growing software businesses, see our video testimonial section.