Video: 10Duke Transforms Software License Management for Greyscalegorilla, Enhancing Seamless Access for 3D Artists

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Video: 10Duke Transforms Software License Management for Greyscalegorilla, Enhancing Seamless Access for 3D Artists

10Duke, a leader in software licensing solutions for some of the fastest ISVs on the planet, is excited to publish a testimonial from Greyscalegorilla, leading creator of premium artist-driven 3D assets for all major 3D applications. ​​Through this partnership, Greyscalegorilla was able to enhance the login-process, providing a more user-friendly experience by replacing Greyscalegorilla’s in-house login and licensing systems with 10Duke’s robust, best-in-class software license management platform.

Greyscalegorilla Plus, known for its extensive and ever-expanding library of over 4000 curated 3D materials, textures, models, HDRIs and award-winning plugins, now benefits from the seamless single sign-on (SSO) capabilities of 10Duke Enterprise. This integration facilitates thousands of 3D artists in creating realistic renders faster and more efficiently, across all major 3D applications, including Cinema 4D, Blender, Houdini, and Unreal Engine.


The decision to partner with 10Duke stemmed from Greyscalegorilla’s need to enhance the user experience amidst the complexities of managing multiple login systems, in order to access the assets they’ve licensed from Greyscalegorilla. 10Duke’s expertise in simplifying digital access, through its highly reliable and scalable licensing platform, presented the ideal solution for Greyscalegorilla’s evolving requirements.

The impact of this partnership has been significant in scaling Greyscalegorilla’s product offerings. With 10Duke’s robust software licensing platform, Greyscalegorilla has been able to focus on streamlining and scaling the licensing process.


Nick Campbell, founder of Greyscalegorilla, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

“As Grayscalegorilla got bigger, we found ourselves in this place where all of our customers needed access to a lot of different places, we had this complicated system where we had multiple logins and it really wasn’t a great experience for our customers.

What 10Duke allowed us to do was make it like it should be; like any other piece of software that you sign up for. You get one login and you can now take it wherever your membership works. Without 10Duke, we would have to do this all ourselves. We would have to build a single sign on, handle all the backend, make sure all the code is updated for every new thing that we do.

We would need a whole team, honestly, to do what 10Duke does. It’s allowed us to not worry about that part of the business and know that it’s in good hands with experts that know what they’re doing. We know that the log in and the licensing is handled and we can just focus on how to make this work really great for a 3D Animator.

If I had to pick one word to sum up my experience with 10Duke, it would be seamless.”

Neil Fenton, CEO of 10Duke, remarks:

“Greyscalegorilla has really innovated in the VFX sector through their packaging of such an incredible offering of textures, renders, models and HDRIs that are all available to artists through a simple Greyscalegorilla Plus subscription. Our partnership with Greyscalegorilla showcases the strength of 10Duke in helping fast growing plug-in vendors to gain both real-time control over licensing, while also enabling a seamless customer experience in improving how end-customers can access software.”

About Greyscalegorilla

Greyscalegorilla leads the way in helping thousands of 3D artists create realistic renders faster across all major 3D applications, including Cinema 4D, Blender, Houdini, and Unreal Engine.

Through Greyscalegorilla Plus, artists have access to an extensive and continually growing library of over 4000 curated 3D assets, including materials, textures, HDRIs, models and award-winning plugins. Trusted globally, it has quickly become the go-to resource for streamlining the 3D creative process.

Learn more about Greyscalegorilla.

About 10Duke

10Duke provides a scalable and flexible software licensing solution enabling software vendors to easily configure, manage and monetize the licenses they provide to their customers in real-time. 

10Duke Enterprise is used across a wide range of industries by the fastest-growing software vendors that offer desktop, SaaS and mobile apps, devices, APIs and VMs. It’s specifically designed for fast-growing software businesses looking to scale up licensing & minimize friction in their licensing process, both internally and for their customers.

In addition to Greyscalegorilla, 10Duke Enterprise is used around the world by leading brands including Trimble, Causeway, Seequent, Maxon and Steinberg.

To learn more about how 10Duke has helped fast-growing software businesses, see our video testimonial section.