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Alternative to Okta
2nd October 2018
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15th October 2018

The Challenge

Your customers expect to be able to access your online services quickly and easily. Whether from a mobile app or a web browser, their user experience should be seamless, reliable and consistent across the online services that you offer. They should be able to use their favourite social ID to log in or be able to quickly create a new account directly with you. Providing a customer identity solution that meets these needs shouldn’t cost the earth, and if you’re considering Gigya, then you should also consider the 10Duke Identity Provider as a more cost-effective alternative to Gigya.


The Solution - 10Duke, an alternative to Gigya

The 10Duke Identity Provider is a customer identity management solution that provides a like for like service as compared with Gigya, but one that costs up to 75% less than Gigya.

The 10Duke Identity Provider supports most popular social ID providers, such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. It is easy to integrate with libraries available for Android and iOS applications as well as libraries for front-end developers integrating browser-based applications. Whether you have just tens of thousands or tens of millions of customers, the 10Duke Identity Provider can provide a scalable solution tailored to your needs. And all of this at a fraction of the cost of Gigya or Janrain.

The table below summarises how 10Duke Identity Bridge compares to Gigya across the key feature categories.



Main Features

 gigya logo
SSO Support, OAuth 2 and SAML 2. (includes most main SaaS apps)☑☑
Deployment model: SaaS☑☑
Integration Support for CRM☑☑
Multi-region support☑☑
Relative Price per userdollar sign                dollar signdollar signdollar sign

Integration Support

 gigya logo
Android SDK☑☑
Web SDK☑☑

Typical Contract Term

 gigya logo
Month to month☑☑


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Single Sign On to Multiple Apps

Alternative to Okta

The 10Duke Identity Bridge service is a cloud-based service that enables Single Sign-On for your employees by ‘bridging’ between the Identity Provider used by your company […]

The 10Duke Identity Provider is a customer identity management solution that provides a like for like service as compared with Gigya, but one that costs up to 75% less than Gigya.

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