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5th September 2018
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Alternative to Hybris Entitlements

ecommerce-alternative to Hybris Entitlements

Concerned about the high price, limited flexibility and integration workload of using Hybris? Consider the 10Duke Entitlements Service as an alternative to Hybris Entitlements.

The Challenge

Hybris Entitlements is primarily aimed at supported entitlements generated by the Hybris e-commerce engine, enabling customers to monetize and manage access to content and services.  However, for some customers, Hybris is not flexible or cost-effective enough to meet their entitlement needs. Your development teams already have too much to do and you cannot justify the expense and complexity of Hybris. In which case you may be looking for a cost-effective, alternative to Hybris entitlements or one that is easier to deploy. 

The Solution

The 10Duke Entitlement Service is a dynamic solution that supports a variety of entitlement models, payment systems and entitlement trigger sources. It is underpinned by the concept of identity-based licensing, to provide a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to Hybris Entitlements. It can be used to provide entitlements to individual end users, companies, business units within a company or even temporary project teams spanning multiple companies working together. These features enable 10Duke Entitlements to be applied to most business cases.

Comparison – 10Duke as an Alternative to Hybris Entitlements

Entitlements/Licenses for

End Users ☑ ☑
Companies ☑ ☑
Project Teams ☑
Business Units ☑

Supported Payment Systems

Stripe ☑
Recurly ☑
Braintree ☑
PayPal ☑
Zuora ☑
Vindicia ☑
Hybris Payment Module ☑ ☑

Supported source of entitlement triggers

Payment Systems ☑
Service Desk App ☑
CRM Application ☑
Hybris e-commerce ☑ ☑

Deployment models

On-Premise ☑ ☑
SaaS ☑ ☑
Private Cloud ☑ ☑
Public cloud ☑ ☑

Authorization engine

Attribute-based ☑
Role-based ☑
License-based ☑

Usage / over-usage

Soft limit ☑ ☑
Hard limit ☑

Extensible constraints

Concurrent sessions ☑
Aggregate use time ☑
Client type ☑
Time of day ☑
Custom ones ☑

License token / lease formats

JWT (JSON Web Token) ☑
Text ☑
Custom ones ☑

Web-based user interface

For Administrator ☑ ☑
For Service Desk ☑ ☑


Month to month ☑
Multi-year minimum contract ☑
Pay as you grow ☑

Typical Contract Term

Month to month ☑
Multi-year ☑ ☑



The 10Duke entitlement service helps businesses around the globe sell more digital content and is used by some of the world’s premier technology and consumer brands. To find out more schedule a free product demoor contact us.

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