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Alternative to Hybris Entitlements
1st October 2018
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Alternative to Gigya
2nd October 2018

The Challenge

If your company is increasingly using cloud-based applications to help your employees get their job done, then giving them a solution that makes it easy for them to access those applications without having to sign in each time or remember a number of different usernames and passwords, has become critical.

Gaining Single Sign-On for your employees to SaaS applications not only helps them get their job done more efficiently but it also helps your company act more securely, by limiting the number of usernames and passwords being stored (usually on post-it notes) and used and providing a single point of provisioning and de-provisioning. Okta is a tool that can enable single sign-on. Ease of access and security are what SSO for employees is all about. But if you’re considering Okta as a provider, you may be surprised at their prices and therefore looking for an alternative to Okta.

The Solution - 10Duke, an alternative to Okta

The 10Duke Identity Bridge service is a cloud-based service that enables Single Sign-On for your employees by ‘bridging’ between the Identity Provider used by your company (for example, Active Directory) and the various 3rd party SaaS providers like Salesforce, Office 365 or Zendesk that your employees are using. It is an SSO solution like Okta.

Once Identity Bridge is configured, it means that your employees can use their existing domain credentials (username and password) to sign in once to your domain and, once signed-in, automatically gain access to the 3rd party web applications they need access to without having to sign into them separately. They can do this from within your office or if they are travelling and are outside your corporate domain.

10Duke Identity Bridge provides the same capabilities as the Okta solution, and it is significantly less expensive than Okta.

The table below summarises how 10Duke Identity Bridge compares to Okta across the key feature categories.



Main Features

 okta logo
SSO Support, OAuth 2 and SAML 2. (includes most main SaaS apps)☑☑
Deployment model: SaaS☑☑
Authentication of Devices (certificate support, Radius server)☑☑
Provisioning Support☑☑
Multi-factor authentication support☑☑
Relative Price per userdollar sign                dollar signdollar signdollar sign

Identity Provider Support

 okta logo
Active Directory/ADFS☑☑
Google ID☑☑
Azure AD☑☑

Typical Contract Term

 okta logo
Month to month☑☑


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Alternative to Gigya

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The 10Duke Identity Bridge service is a cloud-based service that enables Single Sign-On for your employees by ‘bridging’ between the Identity Provider used by your company (for example, Active Directory) and the various 3rd party SaaS providers.

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