Password Management For Software Licensing Migrations

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6th June 2024
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Password Management For Software Licensing Migrations



When migrating to a third-party software licensing solution that supports identity-based licensing, software businesses need to carefully consider password management to ensure a smooth and secure transition. By prioritizing user profile matching, mandatory password resets, and advanced features for migrating existing password hashes, businesses can minimize disruptions and enhance overall security during the migration process. Proper planning and collaboration with the licensing solution provider are crucial for a successful migration.


User Profile Matching

Look for a solution that imports user profiles by matching unique identifiers like email addresses. This eliminates the need for incompatible password hashes and ensures a seamless migration process. Ensure that the solution can handle cases where users have multiple accounts associated with different email addresses or usernames.


Mandatory Password Resets

Enforce mandatory password resets upon first login, utilizing a strong hashing algorithm for secure password storage. This approach enhances security and aligns with best practices for password management. Provide clear instructions to users on how to reset their passwords and encourage them to choose strong, unique passwords for each account.


Migrating Existing Password Hashes

In specific cases where migrating existing password hashes is necessary, the ideal solution should offer additional features:

  1. Secure Code Integration: Collaborate with the vendor to develop a secure code integration that understands your legacy system's password hash format and encryption (salt). Ensure that the integration follows industry-standard security protocols and undergoes thorough testing before deployment.
  2. Hash Format Update on Reset: Leverage the integration to decipher the old hash and update it with the new system's secure hashing algorithm upon password reset. This process should be transparent to the user and should not introduce any additional steps or delays in the password reset workflow.
  3. Customizable User Communication: Create and send email templates informing users about the migration and password reset requirement. Customize the templates to match your brand's tone and style, and provide clear instructions on how to reset their passwords.
  4. Phased Password Resets: Roll out password resets in phases, by department or user type, to avoid overwhelming IT support. This approach allows you to monitor the migration process, identify and address any issues that arise, and provide targeted support to specific user groups.
  5. Real-time Status Updates: Access dedicated pages offering real-time migration progress to monitor the transition. These pages should provide detailed information on the migration status, including the number of users who have reset their passwords, any errors or issues encountered, and the overall progress of the migration.

By prioritizing these features and best practices, software businesses can ensure a secure password management experience during their move to a new identity-based licensing solution, minimizing disruptions and enhancing overall security. Regular communication with users, proactive monitoring of the migration process, and close collaboration with the licensing solution provider are key to a successful password management migration.

10Duke Enterprise

10Duke Enterprise is a powerful cloud-based licensing solution for fast-growing software businesses. It provides a single point of control for managing licenses across various platforms and devices. This scalable system supports revenue growth by streamlining license management, reducing costs, and preventing revenue leakage through real-time access control. 10Duke Enterprise uses a unique "Identity-based licensing" approach, improving product access for customers.  As a market-leading solution, 10Duke Enterprise is easy to integrate, making it ideal for businesses optimizing their software monetization strategies.

Learn more about integrating with 10Duke here.

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