identity-based licensing

26th March 2018
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Perpetual software license: Perpetual doesn’t mean forever.

Software protection is an essential capability for any software vendor as it helps ensure that customers can only unlock the programmes and data that they’re meant […]
19th March 2018
floating software license

What is a floating software licence?

A software licence simply defines the terms on which an end-user can legally access an instance of software. Having an active software license can be thought […]
18th February 2018
traditional software licensing

How traditional software licensing solutions are slowly killing your business…

Traditional software licensing solutions are outdated and cumbersome. Many independent software vendors are moving away from these so-called ‘flexible’ licensing solutions to more modern solutions that […]
2nd February 2016
identity-based licensing

What is identity-based licensing?

10Duke’s Identity and Access Management solution utilizes the concept of identity-based licensing. This is a method of controlling access to a digital product based on the […]
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