Looking to Improve How Your Customers

Access Your Software Products?

Trying to Prevent Revenue Leakage?

Struggling to enforce access control to your products?

Scalability an Issue?

Spending too much time manually granting/revoking access?

Unhappy With Your Software Licensing Provider?

Or looking to migrate from a self-built system?

Limited License Model Support?

Do you want to try subscription, floating, consumption-based or other models?

Legacy solutions / in-house systems often introduce huge amounts of friction into the product access process for you and your customers.

In other words, these systems don't scale.


10Duke Enterprise - Switch to a Software

Entitlement Management Solution

Control access to your products using online entitlements and create an automated system where your customers simply log in to your application and have access only to what they have purchased from you.

Prevent revenue leakage by means of a real-time licensing and access control solution.

Reduce your internal cost of license management and gain a single point of license management.

Improve how your customers can try and access your products using 10Duke's unique "Identity-based licensing" approach.

Learn how and when your customers are using your licenses and product features to help drive license sales.

Get an easy to integrate, market-leading solution built by experts.

Entitlements Delivered From the Cloud

As a cloud-native solution based on software entitlements, 10Duke Enterprise reduces the manual steps needed for licensing for both you, the software vendor, and your customers.

No license keys to manage, no on-premise license servers but instead a frictionless, dynamic solution that will help you control access to your product and to drive your license sales.

Fully documented and easy to integrate, with support if needed. Watch the video to learn the basics in 3 minutes.

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Key Features

Cloud-based & Automated

Swap manual license admin to cloud-based dynamic licensing which is easier for both your and your customers to use.

Deploy Your Preferred License Models

Moving from perpetual to subscription or need floating licenses, 10Duke supports all popular license models.

Customer Identity & SSO

Identity Management comes as a built in aspect of 10Duke Enterprise, enabling you to learn more about who actually uses your products.

Plug & Play Integrations

Connect to CRM and Ecommerce solutions to create a seamless automated system.

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What Makes 10Duke Enterprise Special?

Our Coverage

We are able to support your licensing needs across a range of software types and deployment models. Desktop, mobile, SaaS, APIs, VMs, devices can all be licensed with 10Duke.

No license keys - Reduce your license admin

No license keys to reconcile, no dongles to ship. 10Duke delivers your licenses dynamically from the cloud.

Centralize Product Access via SSO and Federation

Make it simple for you customers to access your product suite through one central access point.

Understand your users

Every tap & click users make with your product can be recorded and queried to gain insights that will drive your product development and innovation.

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