What Does 10Duke Provide?

If you're selling simulation or modelling software, 10Duke is the software monetization solution designed for you.


Swap Dongles for Cloud

A smooth transition from dongles to cloud-based licensing.

Move to the Subscription Model

Make it simple to move from perpetual licenses to subscription or consumption based license models.

Online and Offline Access

A solution that allows your customers to work in both online and offline environments.

API based

An API driven solution, allowing you to easily connect to both ecommerce and CRM solutions to reduce internal operational load.

Easier Access

Simplified access for your customers to your entire product portfolio that centralizes their digital engagement with your brand.

A Single Point of Control for License, Entitlement, Customer and End-user Administration

Get a single point of license control by using 10Duke's browser or API based license management platform, enabling you to control your customer licenses in real-time.

Manage via our API or our admin tools. Even let your customer manage their own licenses and users.

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Customer Success




Learn how acQuire, a geoscientific data management provider, used 10Duke to scale up their software licensing process. acQuire provides geoscientific data management for organisations that work with natural resources.




Learn how Seequent, a global provider of visual data science and 3D modelling software, used 10Duke to improve how they manage customer identities and improve license management. Seequent’s 3D modelling tools and technology are widely applied across industries and projects.



Simple, secure and flexible license management for ISVs


10Duke is a cloud-based solution that provides a smooth transition from dongle to cloud-based licensing.

Supports all license models

From subscription to consumption-based, floating to use time, choose the model you prefer.

Plug & Play Integrations

Seamlessly connect to your CRM provider like Salesforce and to payment providers such as Stripe.

Single Sign-On for end-users

Give your customers simple access to multiple applications via SSO.

An easy to integrate, dynamic licensing solution to help grow your revenues and minimize the time spent on issuing and managing your customer licenses.


Learn The Basics of 10Duke Software Licensing

Basics of 10Duke Licensing

Why 10Duke?

Benefits 10Duke will give you

No on-premise license servers

Avoid the hassle of deploying and managing license servers at your customer’s offices.

No license keys - Reduce your license admin

No license keys to reconcile, no dongles to ship. 10Duke delivers your licenses dynamically from the cloud.

Understand your users

Every tap & click users make with your product can be recorded and queried to gain insights that will drive your product development and innovation.

Easy to Integrate

10Duke is easy to integrate with most CRM, E-commerce and Payment Providers, saving you tons of time.

Easy to Integrate


10Duke also provides Plug & Play
integration with your CRM, E-commerce
and Payment Providers.


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One Solution for Licensing and Customer Identity Management

10Duke is the only company in the market that provides both an advanced license management solution and full-scale Customer Identity Management - they were designed to work in tandem.

Our Identity Provider API authenticates your users and our Entitlement API authorises them to use their purchased products – offering you a complete solution.




Single Sign-On

Enable simple access to multiple applications via SSO.

Social Sign-In

Supports social ID providers including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter.

Identity Federation

Allow your partners to use their existing corporate login details to also access your applications.

Multi-factor authentication

Further secure access to your applications through MFA.

Used by the Best Technology and Consumer Brands


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