Dynamic software licensing for your applications – web, mobile and desktop
Reduce internal license administration costs by 60%+
Support for a variety of license models; floating, subscription, trial and more
Real-time license enforcement and IP protection

Supported Use Cases

Control access to content regardless of the device type used
Define access policies to your digital content and have it enforced regardless if a user is using a web browser, mobile device or TV.
Provide concurrent licenses across different devices types
Allow customers to access your application or digital content across a defined number of devices.
Attribute-based access control depending on content type, device type and more
Control access to your digital content or application based on what device a customer is using, where they are located, the content type they are trying to access, when they are requesting access and more.
Meter online content access dynamically
Provide usage-based access to content in order to allow customers to sample your content or application before being directed to a paywall. Apply hard or soft meters.
Role-based access control for large companies
Define access to your applications for large customers that may have multi-tier organisation structures. Ensure that your product can support these more complex access requirements.
Use a more flexible licensing solution than Flexnet by Flexera
Built for the 21st Century, use an identity-based licensing solution that is dynamic, supports large license volumes, captures user and company identity, maintains related applications (CRM, CMS) in sync with licensing, can be used in multiple products, with one API for all use cases.


Can be used for digital content offerings such as online news content or online software applications.
Provides versatile license model support, from hardware-locked models to subscription based, online licensing.
Supports complex authorisation requirements for large companies using role-based authorisation.
Provided as an online API with supporting documentation to allow your development team to quickly extend the capabilities of your existing product line.
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