Data-driven decisions

Scalable, flexible and fast reporting service for data-driven decision making.

Make data visual

Make your data operational and extract information with easily digestible charts, graphs and reports.

Know your users

Gain insight into customer preferences to create opportunities and drive innovation.

Insights to advantage

Improve product development based on real-time usage data to raise your competitive advantage.

Use Cases

Learn how often customers use your products
Translate user profiles into customer segments based on their frequency of product usage.
Understand how customers use your product
Which features of my application are being used and which are getting in the way?
Understand what related products a customer may be interested in
Usage data creates the opportunity to sell related products to a qualified customer in much the same way Amazon recommends products.
Segment customers based on usage habits and purchasing behaviour
Learn which customers have purchased what and be ready with further products to offer.
Generate usable business information from large data sets
Take millions of customer data points each day and understand usage patterns, identity problems and create opportunities.
Gain product usage insight
Are most customers coming from corporate networks but on mobile devices? Does your current product meet that demand as best as it can?


RESTful endpoint for accepting report entries in XML.
XML and JSON are both supported as output data formats.
User interface is flexible to extend using your choice of Javascript, JSP, HTML or other client side technologies.
Supports using MySQL, PostgreSql and HSQL databases.
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