Can be applied to most types of media: audio, images, video, CAD files, pdfs, and more.
Provides versatile license model support, from hardware-locked models to subscription based, online licensing.
Can be used in server-side applications, desktop applications and mobile applications.
Available via a RESTful endpoint.

Why 10Duke?

Benefits 10Duke will give you

Dedicated API

A dedicated file management and file conversion API for online files and media

Media support

Can be applied to most types of media: audio, images, video, CAD files, pdfs, and more

Choose your cloud

Similar to Amazon S3, but can be used outside of AWS in private or hybrid clouds


Provides a more scalable object storage upload capability than web-based uploads, FTP transfer or using Rsync

Supported Use Cases

Ingest of files to CDN origin servers
Get your files into a CDN quickly and easily - faster than ftp and Rsync.
Storing files in the cloud
Configure File+ to point at any cloud-based disk and start putting your files there.
Need to accept and convert user generated content
Use File+ to accept UGC and then output into related web or mobile applications.
Mixing media assets to create new derivative media
Need to generate thumbnails on the fly, mix photos and music? File+ can help.
Need a private alternative to Amazon S3
Scalable cloud-based storage like S3 but deployed in a private cloud.
Need to convert video files from one format to another
Use File+ as a transcoding engine for video files to deliver to web and mobile devices.

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Mixed media file management and conversion for more than 500,000 subscribers.


Video transcoding, storage and management for 50,000 subscribers.

Case Study

Case Study

Elinar/IBM case manager

Video ingest and management integrated with IBM Case Manager.


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