Single Sign-On for employees

Simple, seamless SSO for employees
Connects to more than 500 web applications
Retain a single point of provisioning and control
Reduce the spread of shadow IT and control your corporate data

Supported Use Cases

Single Sign-On between Google Apps for Work™ and Office 365™ applications
Improve your employees' efficiency by providing one logon for all applications.
Single Sign-On for any company using Google Account and 3rd party web-based applications
If your company is using Google as your primary ID, one sign in and you can access all web-based applications without having to login again.
Single Sign-On between Google Apps for Work™ and any 3rd party web-based applications using OAuth
Sign into Google and then automatically also be able to access apps like Salesforce and Jira.
Single Sign-On between Active Directory and SaaS applications like Salesforce and Zendesk
If your company is using Active Directory as the single source of truth, gain SSO access to a range of 3rd party productivity applications.


A simple pay as you go SaaS-based SSO solution.
Simple online configuration and deployment.
Step-by-step instructions for configuring Azure AD.
Secure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) options.
Basic and enhanced provisioning.

Supported SaaS apps

10Duke Identity Bridge supports more than 500 OAuth and SAML compliant SaaS applications.

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