Make it simple for your customer to login and access your applications.
Secure your user accounts with industry-leading best practice, out of the box.
View user activity and behaviour in real-time and adapt your application to suit.
User control of their data; simple, intuitive and hassle-free.

Supported Use Cases

Single Sign-On to your multiple online applications
If you offer more than one application to your customers (web, mobile or desktop), you can allow them to access all of your applications using a single username and password.
SSO and Federated Identity Management for partners
Allow your partners to use their existing corporate login details to also access your applications. Learn more about Federated Identity.
Gain a single view of your customer, regardless of device they use
Build a profile on each of your customers every time they interact with your product or service.
Social Sign-in to your online applications
Make it easy for your customers to use their favorite social login like Facebook, Twitter and Google, to sign in to your application.
SSO to 3rd party applications for your employees
Make it easier for your employees to use their existing corporate login details to also access popular 3rd party web services such as Salesforce, Office 365, Pipedrive, Zuora and more.
Reduce the costs of password resets and technical support
Allow your customers to serve themselves when they forgot passwords or login details, rather than having to wait for a response from your IT team.


Supports Single Sign-On (SSO) and federated identity.
Supports social ID providers including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter.
Standards-based, supporting key standard protocols including OpenID, SAML, and OAuth.
Supports relational databases (SQL), MongoDB and LDAP for storing user data.
Supports a large number of Internet and Enterprise Identity Provider environments including AD, Azure AD, LDAP and more.
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