Internet Security is a Collective Responsibility

Internet Security is a Collective Responsibility

London 2016-10-01

The security of the internet, its users and its applications is becoming an increasing problem. Compromised systems range from naive hacks by curious teenagers are tripping up sizeable telecoms companies to state-sponsored attacks on political, media and industrial systems.

Each of us has to become more aware of these security issues and in our roles as consumers or as application providers. As consumers we must take precautions to ensure the security of our data in the systems we access (hint: password123 is not a good password…). As application providers we must use best of breed systems to protect customer data and ensure business continuity.

To get a better sense of the scale of the problem, we started doing some research on recent cyberattacks and system breaches. We were struck by the results - most breaches are no longer hitting the headlines and the frequency and scale of the breaches are increasing. It's an issue we all have to take steps to address.

Worst Data Breaches in 2016
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