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Approaches to Software Licensing

Selling and distributing software products in the 2020s.


How to Monetize Software in the 2020s?

Top 8 growth techniques used by fast-growing software companies.


Identity and Access Management

Pillars for effective Personalisation - what you need to know.


Case Studies

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Case Study

Trimble Solutions

275,000 licence checks per day worldwide.

Case Study



Scalable licensing and Customer ID Management for one of the fastest growing software companies in New Zealand.

Case Study


Advanced licensing management for a leading software provider for the built environment.


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13th December 2021

Licensing As a Service – Why It’s the Modern Way of Software Licensing

Licensing as a Service, a new method of software licensing, offers flexible and effective means of monetizing software products quickly and easily.
20th August 2021
10Duke 101 - Understanding 10Duke Licensing

10Duke 101 – Understanding the Basics of 10Duke Licensing

A brief introduction to 10Duke’s Licensing Solution. We will go through its main concepts and how to integrate with 10Duke, including delegation of authentication, product configuration […]
12th May 2021
Software Activation 10Duke

Software Activation – The Good, The Bad and the Modern

Software Activation is a technology that verifies a software product has been legitimately licensed for use. Learn how to do it effectively.

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