Single Sign-On For Customers

Single Sign-On for your customers or fans to easily access your online products.

Single Sign-On For Employees

Make it easier for your employees to access cloud apps with SSO.


Enhance account security with one time password, finger-print or facial recognition.


Connect to other identity systems simply and securely.

Social Sign in

Simple access using existing social IDs.

Customer Account Security

Prevent hacks with best-practice data encryption and storage.


Legal compliance made easy with a centralized user directory.

A unified customer experience

Desktop, mobile and web applications? Deliver a unified product suite to your end users.

Scalable product licensing

Make is easier for customer to try, buy and upgrade your software products.

Reduce licensing admin costs

Dynamically grant, revoke or suspend product licenses. No keys, do dongles, no hassle.

Protect your IP

Prevent unauthorised access to your software products.

Offline usage

Support customers who have only intermittent access to the internet.



Collect, collate and analyse data from your customers and turn it into actionable insights to inform product and service innovation.

Understand usage

How, when and why are your customers using your online products?


Alternative to hybris Entitlements

Concerned about the high price, limited flexibility and integration workload of using hybris Entitlements?

Product Licensing

Drive revenue and protect your IP with identity-based licensing.


Alternative to Flexnet Publisher

Concerned about the limited flexibility, dongle dependency and limited license model support of Flexnet Publisher?

Alternative to Okta

Concerned about the price and flexibility of Okta? Consider the 10Duke Identity Bridge as an alternative.

Alternative to Gigya

Concerned about the price of Gigya? Consider the 10Duke Identity Provider as an alternative.
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