Alternative to Flexnet / Revenera

Are you struggling with FlexNet Publisher?

Expensive to operate

Too many people working on issuing and reconciling license keys?

Customer deployment

Tired of having to deploy and manage license servers on your customer’s sites?

Limited license model support

Want to try consumption based, subscription or other models?

Limited usage info

Do you want to see your license usage in real time?

Limited flexibility

Want to be able to have your customers administer their own licenses?


Want your license manager and CRM system to work as one?

Expensive to license

Tired of tiered pricing with a big price tag?


Need to be able to manage your license manager online?

Consider 10Duke Entitlements as a modern alternative to Flexnet licensing

Simple, secure and flexible license management for ISVs

Reduce license admin costs

No keys to reconcile, no dongles to ship. 10Duke delivers your licenses dynamically from the cloud - less manual work.

No on-premise license servers

Avoid the hassle of deploying and managing license servers at your customer’s offices.

Choose any license model

From subscription to consumption-based, floating to use-time, choose the model you prefer - even simultaneously.

Support Academic and Trial Users

Quickly define and create a simple user upgrade path from trial or academic license through to full commercial.


10Duke is a cloud-based solution that is always on and backed by a rock-solid SLA.

Single Sign-On

Enable simple access to multiple applications via SSO.

Dynamic IP Protection

License grants and revocations are dynamic and immediate, protecting the value of your IP.


10Duke APIs are REST-based, making it simple to leverage the power of our backend for your applications.

Can be used for desktop, web or mobile applications.

Gain detailed real-time information on application and license usage.

Using Salesforce or Sugar? Seamlessly connect 10Duke with your CRM provider to maintain a single view of the customer.

Worried about GDPR? 10Duke supports data residency and helps you comply with GDPR.


10Duke is a modern licensing solution built for the 21st Century. Unlike Flexnet / Revenera, 10Duke does not rely on license keys or dongles (which introduce huge amounts of friction into your business) -  instead, 10Duke’s licensing solution operates dynamically from the cloud. This enables you to save a ton of time and effort as there is no manual work required in granting, revoking or reconciling licenses.

With Flexnet, you are required to deploy on-premise servers for your customers that they have to install or manage, but with 10Duke’s cloud-based licensing solution this is not a requirement, meaning less hassle for your customers. Unlike Flexnet, 10Duke can be integrated seamlessly with CRM systems and payment providers – it is suited to modern ways of working. While Flexnet only does licensing, 10Duke also delivers ID management for your customers through 10Duke Identity Provider.

With Flexnet only one licensing model can be run at a time - 10Duke allows you to run multiple license models simultaneously. Because of the way it is designed, 10Duke Entitlements allows you to license your product based on consumption – how many times a feature is used or for how long – something Flexnet just cannot do.

As an alternative to Flexnet the 10Duke licensing solution is far superior to traditional licensing solutions, as it is truly modern in its features and configurability. 10Duke is trusted by leading software vendors around the world.



Hear what our customers say

Maxon Cinema 4D license
Learn how MAXON - the developers behind the popular Cinema 4D application - used 10Duke’s licensing and id management solutions to completely modernize their sales process - resulting in considerable increases in revenue.
Learn how Seequent, a global provider of visual data science and 3D modelling software, used 10Duke to improve how they manage their customer licenses.

The feature that I really like the most is its reliability. It's stable, it's going to operate 24/7 and also it's highly configurable. There's no custom software development, it's all round about configuration and adapting their platform to our business needs. - Richard Ertel, CIO Seequent


Learn how Causeway, a leading supplier of software solutions for the built environment, used 10Duke to centralize license administration, reduce licensing administration costs and also introduce SSO and Federation capabilities to their solution suite.

Read the Case study or watch the video to learn more.

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