Unhappy With How You Currently Manage Device Licenses?

If you are using a traditional licensing solution like Flexera or Thales
do these problems seem familiar?


Expensive to operate

Too many people working on issuing and reconciling license keys or dongles?

Complex Activation Process

Looking for friction-free license activation?

Limited Usage Visibility

Do you want to see your license usage in real time?

Customer Deployment Hassle

Tired of having to deploy and manage license servers on your customer’s sites?

Consider 10Duke Enterprise as an Alternative

Simple, Secure Device License Management


10Duke is a cloud-based solution that is always on and backed by a rock-solid SLA.

Reduce your license admin costs

No keys to reconcile, no dongles to ship. 10Duke delivers your licenses dynamically from the cloud.

No on-prem license servers required

Avoid the hassle of deploying and managing license servers at your customer’s offices.

Reporting data at your finger-tips

Gain detailed real-time information on application and license usage.

Understanding Device Licensing

Bring your device licensing into the 21st century with 10Duke.

Customer Success

Learn how companies around the world are leveraging the power of 10Duke