The Challenge

Data Everywhere

Companies have to figure out both how to capture their data and how to capitalize it.

Missed Opportunities

Unaware of the wealth of data at their fingertips many companies fail in the age of data monetization.

Full Picture

Can you afford not having a full picture of how your products perform and how customers interact with them?

Data Quality

More data doesn't really matter if it isn’t the right data.

Not Just Data

Converting Data to Information to Insights is challenging without tools that adapt to your needs.

The Solution

Unified Data

With the 10Duke Event Data API you can unify and organise any data from from various sources so you can use it in a way that benefits your business.

Actionable insights

Easily drill-down into all of your existing data, allowing data-driven decisions to raise your competitive advantage.

Leverage Usage Data

Use your product usage data to create opportunities to sell related products to qualified customers in much the same way Amazon recommends books.

Data Visualisation

Interpret and display your data in easily digestible charts, graphs and reports that can be used by internal product and marketing teams.

Flexible Reporting

Customisable reporting service, easily extendable to support bespoke analytical requirements and delivered on an on-demand, SaaS basis.

Customer Success

Learn how companies around the world are leveraging the power of 10Duke