The Challenge

Simple Sign In

Users want access quickly, easily, with no fuss. Your business needs to authenticate users. Where is the balance?

Which Social ID?

Supporting Social Sign-in makes sense, but which ones and how much integration work is required?

SSO for Multiple Apps

How do I give my users access to all of my applications with one sign-on process?

Understanding Usage

How do I keep track and understand how my users are signing-in to my applications?


SSO seems complex. How do I deliver customer identity management quickly?

The Solution

Simplified Access

The 10Duke Identity Provider enables Single Sign-On from any device to online, mobile and desktop applications.

Social Sign-In

Pick from more than 50+ Social ID providers to enhance your sign-in process.

Customer Insight

Gain detailed data on customer usage and preferences with the 10Duke Event Data API.


With the right technology, SSO is simple and straightforward.

Customer Success

Learn how companies around the world are leveraging the power of 10Duke