The Challenge

Simple Sign In

Users want access quickly, easily, with no fuss. Your business needs to authenticate users. Where is the balance?

Which Social ID?

Supporting Social Sign-in makes sense, but which ones and how much integration work is required?

SSO for Multiple Apps

How do I give my users access to all of my applications with one sign-on process?

Understanding Usage

How do I keep track and understand how my users are signing-in to my applications?


SSO seems complex. How do I deliver customer identity management quickly?

The Solution

Simplified Access

The 10Duke Identity Provider enables Single Sign-On from any device to online, mobile and desktop applications.

Social Sign-In

Pick from more than 50+ Social ID providers to enhance your sign-in process.

Customer Insight

Gain detailed data on customer usage and preferences with the 10Duke Event Data API.


With the right technology, SSO is simple and straightforward.

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