Single Sign-on For Employees - Secure Authentication

The Challenge

Apps Everywhere

Teams are using a variety of cloud apps to get their job done. Access must be simple.

Swiss Cheese

Multiple usernames and passwords create security holes.


Separate Sign-Ins means lost time, and less work done.

Data Residency

Legislation now requires that access to data is controlled and has an audit trail.

Access Control

Who has access? Keeping a handle on who is accessing what is no longer easy.

The Solution

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On using the same domain username and password to cloud apps.

Domain Login

Secure your systems by centralizing access and reducing passwords on Post-it notes.


Teams can get more work done without worrying about multiple usernames and passwords.

Out of the Box

Centralised access and logging means that you'll already comply with incoming legislation.

Cloud Control

Your IT team will be happier and in control with SSO.

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