Introduce Ecommerce For a Scalable Dynamic System

Licensing is normally a hassle with lots of manual aspects.

With 10Duke you can connect licensing directly to your ecommerce engine like FastSpring, Paddle or Digital River to have them work in tandem.

Your customer can purchase online, licenses can be granted immediately and the entire system can run itself, while the revenue rolls in.



Allow Customers to ‘Build’ Their Preferred Product Features Combos On the Fly

Your customers can select and build the product combinations they want to purchase using your ecommerce system.

This product information can be dynamically sent to 10Duke, with the correct license to the correct product combination issued immediately.


Ecommerce Integration Made Easy

10Duke integrates with many of the top ecommerce providers in the market. Integrate directly using our APIs, through an ESB or using the out-of-the-box 10Duke integration service.

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Seamless UX For the Customer - Let Them Get Straight to Work

Integrated licensing with ecommerce creates the best possible user experience for your customers.

Simple, fast and immediate product purchase, license grant and license fulfilment - all online and all dynamic.



Reduced Admin Cost For You

Seamlessly integrated ecommerce and licensing helps to drive your revenue and also reduces your internal costs.

It removes the need for your team to manually grant, reconcile or revoke licenses.

Everything can be driven by your customers themselves.


10Duke - Secure & flexible license management


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