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Single Source of Truth

10Duke provides a single point of license management
for all of your software products

Get a single point of control for licenses, entitlements, and end users through our admin tools.
Make software license management work seamlessly with other business systems, while keeping everything in sync in real-time.

Main Advantages From Centralized License Management


Fewer Moving Parts

From a solution architecture perspective, you’ll reduce the number of integrations points between systems – meaning less management and maintenance costs.

Better Product Monetization

Drive revenue growth with consistent license models and pricing across product portfolios, or by offering trials, discounts or product combos.

Improved Engineering Efficiency

Outsourcing licensing to a specialist allows your team to focus their talent on your products, eliminating the opportunity cost of having them work on maintaining your licensing systems.

Automated Licensing

Set up your business systems so that CRM, ecommerce, etc. work together seamlessly with your licensing engine – in some cases even automating 100% of the licensing process from purchase to renewal.

Solve Complexity With Centralization

When you grow, your problems grow with you


Reduce License Admin with a Modern Licensing Engine


Scalability & Flexibility

As your software business grows, home-grown licensing systems often struggle to keep up.

With 10Duke, you’ll gain access to a scalable state-of-the art licensing engine that gives you more commercial flexibility – and your engineers peace of mind.

Watch the video to learn how Foundry, a provider of Academy Award winning visual effects software, benefited from switching from in-house licensing to 10Duke to centralize their licensing.

Simplify your path to market success and drive revenue to its fullest potential with 10Duke