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Single Point of Control

10Duke SysAdmin gives you a single point of control and truth regarding the licenses you have granted to your customers.
It can be used alongside or instead of our APIs.
SysAdmin puts you on the driver's seat and is always included in 10Duke Enterprise.


Configure Licensing For Your Product

Set up and manage your product configuration: licensed items, license models and product packages.

Manage Organizations and Users

Create and manage customer organizations, user and device groups, and end-users.

Connect Applications

Connect 10Duke Enterprise to your client application, external identity providers, CRM and e-commerce.

Grant Licenses and Entitlements

Grant and manage licenses and entitlements to B2B organizations and B2C consumers.

Configure Products and Apply License Models to Them

SysAdmin is where you set everything up

Configure Licensed Items

Licensed item represents a resource you’re licensing, such as a product or a feature.

Apply License Models

License models define the business rules for how you provide licensed items to your customers.

Build Product Packages

Consisting of a licensed item and a license model, a product package is what your customer purchases from you.

License Provisioning

Grant a license to the customer who needs access in one click.

Create and Manage
Organizations and Users

In 10Duke Enterprise, organizations and users are the entities for which you create entitlements and grant licenses.
You create user accounts for the end users who consume licenses. The users can be either your consumer customers (B2C) or users from your customer organizations (B2B). 

Connect Client Applications

Define a client application connection for each software application you want to license with 10Duke Enterprise.
10Duke Enterprise supports connecting client applications using OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity protocol or Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
We also provide a selection of client libraries to help connect your client application to the 10Duke APIs.

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