10Duke Cloud-based software licensing

Approaches to Software Licensing: Selling and Distributing Software Products in the 21st Century

Business doesn't stand still and traditional, key-based licensing solutions are coming up short in the face of today's sophisticated software markets. This whitepaper aims to cover the three major pitfalls of traditional software licensing solutions as well as introduce 10Duke's identity-based licensing.
Software Monetization Guide

Software Monetization Guide - Top 8 Growth Techniques Used By Fast-Growing Software Companies

How to Monetize Software in 2023?

An Inside View: The 8 Top Monetization Methods Used by the World’s Fastest Growing Software Companies

As a provider of licensing engines to some of the fastest growing B2B software businesses around the world, the 10Duke team is able to see the type of license models, product configurations and online e-commerce solutions that are being deployed by the best in the business.


Identity and Access Management: Pillars for effective Personalisation

Personalisation is fast becoming the focus for both B2B and B2C digital marketers. But adopting a personalisation strategy won't work if you can't identify and understand who your customers are in the first place. This paper guides you through the key components that need to be in place for a personalized marketing strategy to be effective.