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Customer Identity and Single Sign-On


Learn How Our Customers Improved User Experience

Greyscalegorilla, a leading creator of premium artist-driven 3D assets for all major 3D applications, partnered with 10Duke to improve their customers’ log-in experience to access the various assets they had licensed.

“What 10Duke allowed us to do was make it like it should be; like any other piece of software that you sign up for. You get one login and you can now take it wherever your membership works. Without 10Duke, we would have to do this all ourselves. We would have to build a single sign on, handle all the backend, make sure all the code is updated for every new thing that we do.”


Deliver Better UX With 10Duke


Super Easy Logins

Offer a smooth login experience that only takes seconds to complete, fully customized according to your brand.

Social Sign-in

Enable your customers to log in using their existing accounts such as Google or Apple.

Single Sign-On

Allow your customers to access multiple products or systems with one set of credentials.

Identity Federation

Make it possible for your customers to access multiple organizations with one set of credentials.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Further secure your customers’ access to your applications through MFA or 2FA.

Make Licensing Invisible

Minimize the number of steps your end user needs to take in order to gain access to a license from you.

Enable Smooth, Immediate Access to Your Products




Learn Your Customers

Gain a single view of your customers and how they interact with your products, to drive product innovation.

Reduce Support Tickets

Automate common issues such as password resets by allowing your customers to do it themselves.

User Security

Secure user accounts with best practices out-of-the-box, including 2FA and OTPs.


Supports key standard protocols including OAuth 2, SAML 2.0 and OIDC.

Data Management

Deliver your preferred data compliance approach, whether that’s GDPR, CCPA or HIPAA.


Seamless real-time flow of data between Customer Identity and CRM, ecommerce etc.

Improve Customer Experience by Making Licensing Invisible

It’s not ideal if your end user needs to worry about manual steps in your licensing process.
But when all licensing decisions are tied into the authenticated identity of the end user, all of that hassle disappears – all they need to do is log in and they’ll have access to whatever they’ve licensed from you (but only that!).
This is why we call it login/identity-based licensing.

Allow Your Customers
to Self-manage

With OrgAdmin, you can let your biggest customers self-administer their own end users and licenses, reducing the support needed from your team.
OrgAdmin is an additional tool, purchased separately from 10Duke Enterprise.
Learn more about OrgAdmin.

Simplify your path to market success and drive revenue to its fullest potential with 10Duke