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Missed Opportunities, Missed Revenue

Revenue leakage means chargeable revenue that is not received due to inefficiencies in your existing business systems and processes.
The tricky part is that unreceived revenue often goes completely unnoticed.
If you’re unable to enforce the software license terms your revenue relies on, or have no idea who’s using your products and how, you’re likely leaking out revenue to a considerable level – with no way of finding out how much.

How Can 10Duke Help
Prevent Revenue Leakage?


Control Product Access

At its core, 10Duke enables you to control access to your product so that only those who have paid for it can access it, stopping unauthorized use.

Know Your Customers

With 10Duke, you’ll always know exactly who your customer is because all licensing decisions are based on the authenticated identity of your end user. You’ll also gain insights into their license usage.

Software License Enforcement

It’s a lot easier to enforce the license terms under which you sell your products and stop software piracy when each and every end user needs to log in before being granted access to your products.


With 10Duke, licensing becomes a seamless part of your overall business ecosystem, as it integrates with CRMs and ecommerce and keeps everything in sync in real-time.

Interoperable Systems Are the Key to Software Monetization


Customers Demand Flexibility From You

The online customers of today are more demanding than ever. You might have lots of potential customers who never convert, because your subscription pricing isn’t flexible enough for cost-conscious buyers.
Implementing a Pay-As-You-Go model could be the solution, or introducing a new subscription tier with only basic-level features, but only if your tech stack allows you to license your product out in such a granular way.
With a flexible and scalable licensing engine like 10Duke you can run multiple license models (even simultaneously) from subscription to floating, or based on consumption or use-time.

Let’s Improve Your Bottom Line

Revenue leakage is estimated to affect ~15% of gross revenue for a vendor (EY estimate 2019).
With stricter product access controls and improved commercial flexibility, 10Duke can help you minimize revenue leaking out.
We can also help you generate new revenue by removing friction from the licensing process, making your Order-to-Cash flow quicker and easier for your customers.
Doing nothing can be costly.

Simplify your path to market success and drive revenue to its fullest potential with 10Duke