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Understanding Device Licensing

Device licensing is a way to grant and manage the licenses that allow your customers to access your software that is installed on particular hardware. Instead of authorizing users, you authorize devices to use a license.
For example, a use case could be that your B2B customers run your software on shared devices that need to be accessible without user registration, or that you’re selling devices with embedded software.

Transform Your Hardware Licensing For Better Monetization and User Experience

Device licenses can be more difficult to manage than pure software licenses, but that needn't be the case. Granting, revoking, and managing licenses – all key aspects involved in device licensing – can all be done in real-time and automated as much as possible.
This means less manual work for both you and your customers, leading to fewer support calls and emails troubling your support team.

Supercharge Your Business With an Efficient Device Licensing Solution


How 10Duke Can Help You Grow


Simplified Activation Process

10Duke will help you minimize friction in the device licensing process with seamless integrations with ecommerce and CRM.

Less Manual License Admin

With 10Duke you can say goodbye to outdated licensing mechanisms such as license keys or dongles and replace them with an automated system.


As you grow, home-grown licensing systems often struggle to keep up – 10Duke was designed for fast-growing software businesses looking to scale.

Commercial Flexibility

Implement hardware licensing with the license model that is best for your business – not with what your tech stack dictates.

Simplify your path to market success and drive revenue to its fullest potential with 10Duke