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Insights to Help You Deliver More Value

Optimize Sales, Product and Support


Know Your Customers to Drive License Sales


Identify Upselling Opportunities

Learn if license consumptions are failing due to customers running out of available licenses, signalling you could upsell more software licenses based on customer need and demand.

Analyze Product Usage and Feature Adoption

Learn which product offerings and features are the most popular to help uncover whether users are getting value from your software applications, increase user retention and inform product roadmaps.

Learn User

Understand user activity and license usage patterns to identify the value that your software product delivers to customers over time.


Track user metrics and license utilization to make better business projections.

Provide Better Support

License usage insights also help you to detect potential issues.
You can for example monitor events such as failed user logins or password resets, so that if you see something unusual you can more easily figure out what’s wrong.

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